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Rethinking Living: It’s a Small World After All (English)

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8. September 2021 18:00 Uhr – 
8. September 2021 19:00 Uhr


Bühne Erdgeschoss

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ETH Zürich


Simone Schürle, Responsive Biomedical Systems Lab, ETH Zürich

Hakan Ceylan, Physical Intelligence, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

Chris Luebkeman, Strategic Foresight Hub, ETH Zürich


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The impact of vaccines in response to the corona virus poignantly demonstrated the importance of the role of the medical world in our lives. Pushing the boundaries of what medicine can accomplish holds huge potential in improving the state of the world. At the nexus of robotics, biology and medical devices, the development of microrobots is an exciting new and promising field.

Imagine you could shrink robots to the size of a cell and inject them into your body to help deliver drugs or target tumors. Sounds like science fiction? In this session, we hear about the potential of soft-bodied, wireless, miniature robots in the context of drug delivery, stem-cell treatment, and other medical functions. We also learn how synthetic biology is repurposing bacteria as living microrobots in the fight against cancer, among other applications.

Followed by conversations over a glass of Swiss wine and snacks.

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